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What is Reiki Music for Reiki treatments

I usually use this music CD when I offer Reiki healing sessions. The duration of the CD is about 1 hour, so it's perfect to play for one hour Reiki sessions.

Kamal made a lot of amazing healilng music but this album is the best for me.

Because this is actually the music that was played when I received my first Reiki treatment in NY.
(You can read my previous posts how it was! How I got into Reiki (1), (2), (3).)

I lay down on the massage table, and when the session and the music started, I thought the first song was so beautiful.
I was so touched with the vibration coming from the music. Then I felt a lot of Reiki energy flowing in my body and I was completely amazed with it.
That's why I decided to leane Reiki.

It has been for almost 10 years since I had the session, but the sensation and the beauty that I felt at that time never fade away.

A lot of my clients also love the songs. So I'm sharing this if it could help you to find a little bit of joy in your life.

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