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What is Reiki How I got into Reiki (2) -My first encounter with Reiki

**Please read my previous post "How I got into Reiki (1). Beginning of my Reiki Journey" before this post.

My biggest priority for choosing an apartment used to be its rent and location. If it was a reasonable price, convenient location and I had a space to sleep, it was OK for me. I was busy most of time anyway.
But this time, my inner voice told me that I shouldn't compromise until I find the one I really love, and I somehow followed it.
I checked more than 10 apartments. Most of the apartments were quite nice that I would have taken one of them easily if I were like before, but this time, I always felt like something was still missing.

One day, I finally found a place I really like in Brooklyn. As soon as I walked into the apartment and looked around, I fell in love with the brightness and openness.
The location wasn't as convenient as the former apartment, but it had more space, and a lot of sunshine and breeze coming in from the windows. It wasn't a "cool" or "fancy" neighborhood but I could feel a lot of positive energy.
The park nearby was like a heaven on the earth. Not only it was beautiful, but also the people hanging around there looked very happy.

"Yukoala at Sunset Park"

My doodle of Sunset Park, the new neighborhood that gave me a lot of energy. It's a heaven on earth!!!

In the first morning at the new apartment, I naturally woke up around 5 am with sunshine and the sound of birds' singing from a tree in front of my window.
I thought it was still too early to get up, so tried to go back to sleep, but I already felt full of energy inside me and I couldn't stay in the bed anymore.
It was the time that I realized how much the environment; the energy surrounding us affects someone's body and mind, and the importance of listening to what a gut feeling tells us.

I was rambling in a Japanese SNS to see if there were any Japanese communities in the neighborhood and I found a Japanese woman who just started her Reiki healing space and was offering trial Reiki treatments with very reasonable price.
Since I had been having the word "Reiki" in my head but never knew what it was, I thought it was a good opportunity for me to experience something new.
I messaged her and made an appointment. She gave me her address and it was only several blocks from me on the same street

On the day for my first Reiki session, I still didn't know anything about Reiki.
I'm a quite lazy person so I was like

"If I can experience it, why should I check it in advance!"

I met the woman for the first time.
She apologized me in advance telling me that a delivery person might be coming to drop off a package which she had missed to receive the day before. But also, she said she had sent Reiki to the future wishing that it would never disturb our session. I didn't understand what "Reiki to the future" meant since I didn't know anything about Reiki yet. So I felt a little weird.

The Reiki treatment was just so amazing. I felt the energy flowing inside of me it was something that I had never experienced before. My first Reiki experience was powerful enough to make this skeptical person believe that anything could happen in this world.
I was floating somewhere between awake and asleep, somewhere totally timeless and peaceful.

"OK, the session is done." she said.
Right after she finished the last word, the doorbell was rung. It was the delivery guy she was expecting. We looked at each other, our eyes were just like "Wow!".

Everything was so perfect for me. I immediately decided to study Reiki with her.

To be continued...

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