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What is Reiki How I got into Reiki (3) - Becoming a Reiki Master

**Please read "How I got into Reiki (1) and "How I got into Reiki (2)" before this post.

After I completed all the levels until Master/Teacher level, I went back to Japan and started offering Reiki sessions and classes a little by little.

Then, I had a fortune to meet a great Reiki master who is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the Usui healing society) and take all the levels again with him, so I could deepen my understanding of Reiki.
But I didn't think I could make living just offering Reiki in Japan. Most of Japanese people don't know about Reiki even though it started in Japan. Japanese people are usually very skeptical about energy, healing or spirituality. So I needed to have a job to secure my finance and I just offered Reiki occasionally when someone asked me.

Even though I didn't get so many Reiki clients in the beginning, I never gave up continuing my practice, because it was the only thing I thought I could do well and I felt happy about. I received a lot of gifts from Reiki and I could feel positive changes happened for me, so I could completely trust it.

Several years passed and my father passed away.
He died in a lot of pain and fear, while he was tied up in the bed in a hospital.
It was very hard to see that for me and my family.
I felt so bad about myself that I couldn't do anything to save him.

Time flies.
Where do we go from here?

But weird things started happening.

Right after he passed away, I started getting a lot of Reiki clients and students. I didn't know what happened but I became very busy. So I could quite another boring job and focus on Reiki.
Almost every week, I had some clients telling me something like

"I saw a light in this room and I feel like it's something protecting you!"

"I felt like there was another person who was giving me Reiki treatment with you"

"I felt 4 hands on me!"

"During my session, I saw a Japanese old man standing there!"

Even though they felt like someone else was in the room, nobody got scared and they always told me that someone must be protecting me.
Almost for 1 year after my father died, there were always some people who told me something like that.

But after the year, it stopped happening and nobody really say anything like that anymore.

Maybe it was my father helping and supporting me.
It's funny that he didn't know anything about Reiki. I had never talked about it to my parents because I thought they didn't understand. They might think I was crazy.
But after he became free from this physical world, he is so open, he understands everything, he can go anywhere so easily, enjoys offering Reiki treatments with me and supports me.

Maybe death is not something that we should be afraid of...
I feel his love in the air.

Several years passed and I'm still very busy with Reiki and I feel so blessed.
People whom I have encountered through Reiki are extremely nice, polite and warm people and I have received a lot of positive energy from them.
Because of these people, I could be more confident and comfortable to be myself.
I started feeling like I may be able to make some positive impacts to the world even just a little bit.

I'm so thankful for everybody I met on my Reiki path.
Reiki has changed my life and has been the most amazing gift for me. And that is why I want to continue my Reiki practice and share it as much as possible with people who are looking for happiness in their life.

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